LUX INTEGRATED is a boutique-style brand and digital marketing agency made up of talented creatives, digital strategists and story-tellers. Our agency is designed to partner with our clients to build you the best brand possible by using thoughtful media integration for print, digital, social, and website platforms.


A good digital and brand advertising campaign really goes the distance and cuts through the clutter of media messaging and fragmentation. Now, businesses can leverage their marketing by pinpointing their ideal customer by digital search behavior and location-based advertising with geo-targeted, integrated brand and digital marketing campaigns. We offer our clients unparalleled digital advertising campaigns and brand integration.


First, we will outline your digital footprint and meet with you to discuss your overall goals, business personality, target audience and also your competition. We will review your current brand and help you to develop a budget and strategy based on your overall goals and design and develop your print and digital materials with a great strategy to bring out the best in your business personality. We will design your digital ad campaign (and your print campaign, if desired), book your advertising, and we can even manage it all for you. You will also receive weekly digital campaign reports so that you can see live updates of how your digital campaign is performing. We will measure the performance and even modify it, if needed to maximize your advertising goals. Your logo, print ads, digital advertising, and website can all work together to tell your story–now that’s marketing integration!